Miley Cyrus Nude Photo Shoot Outtakes

Miley Cyrus nude

Pop star Miley Cyrus’ nude outtakes from various photo shoots have just been released online in the pics above and gallery below.


Miley Cyrus has certainly never been shy about showing off her nude body… And if the rumors are to be believed, that holds true all the way back to her Disney Channel casting couch days… So it certainly is not surprising that her outtakes contain some nude photos.

However, recently Miley has become more stingy with the showing of her sinful sex organs… Especially while performing in concert, as you can see from the compilation video below.

Yes, nowadays Miley tries to get by simply slipping a nipple here and there, and displaying just a hint of her ass meat in her performances… While it is still a long way away from her wearing the holy burka, the change is much appreciated.

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