Clara Segura Nude Scene From "Ashes From The Sky"

Clara Segura nude

The video below features Spanish actress Clara Segura’s big tittied nude sex scene from the film “Ashes from the Sky” remastered and enhanced in high definition.

As you can see, Clara Segura has enormous udders that would make a Holstein cow green with envy… Of course instead of grabbing hold of her tremendous teats and squeezing them dry as they dangle right in front of his face, the homoqueer infidel man in this scene lays there meekly doing nothing.

You better believe that if this fine specimen of female livestock were in bed with a virile Muslim man her massive mammaries would be getting milked vigorously… And afterwards he’d still have plenty of energy left over to play a rousing game of “tunic snake in tit valley” with her.

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