Diane Lane Nude Scenes From “The Big Town” Enhanced

Diane Lane nude

The video below features Diane Lane’s nude scenes from the 1987 film “The Big Town” remastered and enhanced in high definition.

Diane Lane was 21-years-old when these scenes were shot and she had just made her big screen nude debut in the film “Lady Beware” (which can be seen here), so she was certainly a busy heathen Hollywood hussy that year.

Diane Lane teen

Of course these nude scenes were a part of Diane “paying her dues” AKA “selling her soul” to be successful in Satanic Showbiz… And while after having a long and prosperous career Diane might say that it was all worth it, she will certainly be singing a different tune when she is burning in the Hellfire for all of eternity… So let us pray that Allah smites this smug slut soon.

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