Halle Bailey Nude Selfies Released


Halle Bailey nude

Actress and singer Halle Bailey appears to have just released the nude selfie photos above online.

Halle Bailey ass

These nude photos are no doubt an effort to distract from the controversy swirling around Halle Bailey being cast to star as “Ariel” in Disney’s new live action “Little Mermaid” movie.

For fragile white people are up in arms over a dirt skin like Halle playing a mermaid from a Danish fairytale… However what these racists fail to realize is that Halle Bailey is the perfect choice for this part… For not only does she have ridiculously wide-set eyes like a fish, but her lower half almost certainly stinks like mackerel.
Halle Bailey sexy

Yes, who care if Halle can’t swim and will probably struggle trying to read her lines, this woman was clearly born to play a monstrous half-fish hussy.

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