Jenna Fischer Nude "The Office" Audition Video And Outtakes

The video above appears to feature actress Jenna Fischer flashing her nude tits while attending an open audition on spring break in Cancun for the role of “Pam” on the hit series “The Office”.

Jenna Fischer nude

No doubt after seeing Jenna expose her enormous mammaries (or should I say pamaries) producers knew that she would be perfect for the part, for the “Pam” character was certainly one of the most deeply depraved in TV history… As it was strongly suggested throughout the series that she was passed around by all the guys in the office and the warehouse.
Jenna Fischer nude

Jenna for her part embraced Pam’s degenerate nature, and would reportedly “prank” her fellow castmates by showing up on the set naked… As it appears to show in the recently uncovered outtake photos above.

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