Nina Agdal Nude Photos And Cucking Logan Paul Music Video

Former UFC star Dillon Danis’ beef with Internet celebrity and WWE star Logan Paul is currently the talk of social media, as Dillon keeps posting photos of Logan’s fiancé Nina Agdal while suggesting that she is a wanton whore (which us pious Muslims have always known that she is)… However Dillon is a punch drunk possible Mexican so his trolling efforts are quite crude and lack refinement, that is why us righteous Muslims have just released the Logan Paul getting cucked music video above.

Not only that but to further pile on to the “slut shaming” we also present the gallery below of Nina Agdal’s nude photos…


Frankly it is about time that the pathetically emasculated men in the West started putting these degenerate Jezebels in their place… And while they still have a LONG way to go to reach the levels of righteousness in the civilized Islamic world in which any hint of female impropriety is punished with a Sharia stoning… This public “slut shaming” of Nina is a good a start.

And if Logan Paul has his little feelings hurt by this post he is welcome to come challenge me in combat… But not with some glorified slap fighting known as “boxing” or by playing grab ass in a wrestling ring, but rather how REAL men settle their disputes… By doing battle in the camel jousting arena.

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