Scarlett Johansson’s First Time Having Sex Story

Actress Scarlett Johansson appears to describe in graphic detail the story of the very first time she had sex in the interview video clip above (no doubt for some deeply depraved “women’s magazine”).

Scarlett Johansson sexy

Hearing Scarlett’s story about how she lost her virginity certainly comes as a surprise… Not because she is a demure woman of course, for all Western Jezebels like Scarlett constantly blab on and on about their vaginas’ exploits… But rather because there was only one guy involved, as one would have suspected that a wanton whore like Scarlett would have been gang banged and had at least a couple of barn animals up in the mix in the taking of her maidenhead.
Scarlett Johansson bikini

Yes, Scarlett has always been a lecherous floozie, and at this point she has no doubt been cocked more times than my AK-47.

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