CONFESSION TIME: Masturbation on the stove

* Julia *

Robert likes to cook – if I let him. Not that I always want to cook for us, no, I’m really happy when my Robi is at the stove preparing something for us. But when my lover cooks, it’s very different than standing by the stove myself. Robi does not cook as well as I do. Anyway, Robi told me how well I, his Julia, can cook for us. And he is right.

Robi cooks the simpler dishes, as he finds them in the cookbook. He cooks differently than me, he cooks like a man: according to fixed rules, as they are in the cookbook or – as Robi would say – according to a fixed principle that should not be given up, because “the publisher already has the right thoughts have made”. And why should my Mr. Robi deviate from it? It generally tastes not bad what Robi cooks, but not as good as what I prepare for ourselves.

Well, today Robi is at the stove and I’m sitting behind him at the kitchen table on the stool. It is not easy to sit relaxed on the stool. It’s not easy to sit on the stool like a lady, because my skirt, with legs crossed over one another, pushes up a good deal and shows more of me than I would allow others to see my robe. With my Robi I do not need to be a lady, I let my legs dangle and so it is much easier to sit down, a little sunk in, but it works.

While Robi is standing at the stove, I chat about this and that in his back. I live up to such conversations. Finally, I can talk the way I like it. I can chat wonderfully while my Robi works incessantly on the stove and mostly silent. I sit on my stool, my elbow resting on the table. I take a sip of wine, the heat rushes through me, I’m fine and I can see Robi’s back, still stirring in his bowl: “What are you doing right now?”

Silence. “Huhu, what are you doing right now?” Still silence. When I ask something, I do not like to be left without an answer, even if it might just be a growl.

“Huuuuhuuuu, Herrrr Rrrroberrrt, what are you doing right now?”

“You, I can not talk now, I have to concentrate!”

Oh yes, my Mr. Robi has to concentrate and therefore can not talk! But if I’m standing where my Mr. Robi is stirring anything in a bowl right now, he’s asking me the same way, and he’s not paying any attention to whether or not I need to concentrate. With my Mr. Robi, everything is really different! He has to concentrate on his culinary art and can not even answer me.

I’ll take another sip of wine and be silent too. Should that spoil my good mood? I would find it more beautiful if I chatted and Robi listened to me, even when he is busy. My Robi does not need to answer while I tell. It is enough if I have the feeling that he could listen to me.

“Sorry, I just could not answer, I might have messed our food!”

“So ……. what are you cooking for us nice?” Actually, I already suspect it, because I saw it with the ingredients. But I want to know it from myself.

“Yes …. I got a monkfish and I will steam it in a herb coat in the oven with rice and vegetables.

You have already seen it “.

I have.

“And what are you doing for dessert?” I challenge my robi quite nicely, right?

Robi thinks for a while, then he says: “Oh you know, I think that we should first wait, if we are still hungry after eating ……”

“Maybe not hungry, but appetite !!” I say with some emphasis. Robi just should not shirk the responsibility: “Well, what about our dessert?”

“I could …… yes, maybe we could …… a mixed ice cream …..?

“Robi ……. mixed ice cream !! Please: is not it still a bit easier?”

Robi is silent, he’s probably taken aback. So I say, “Robi ……. do not blame me, you know that I really like sweets … and I’m also happy about an ice cream … Yesterday I just got this kibble ice cream. I think it’s delicious …. you can serve that. “

Robi seems reconciled: “OK, my dear Julia, you are a golden angel.”

I get up from my stool and hug Robi from behind: “You’re my darling !!” I press my cheek against Robi’s back as I wrap my arms around him.

Robi is buzzing like a little bear and that sounds very dull with my ear on Robi’s back. I realize that Robi is really reconciled.

And the best thing is that it smells good now. It irritates my senses. I feel great. And I feel like joking: “You say, darling, you say that love is special about the stove, because it’s unusual, what do you think?”

I sit back on my stool and bump my legs in what I call a provocative position. Robi keeps silent with his back on me. My Mr. Robi has so much to do. I have to go into a bit more detail: “You, tell me, I’ve read the other day that there are some young couples cooking around the stove, here and there, of course, standing up!”

Silence. “Robi, I’ve got you looking for something.”

“Yes, I know, I really can not right now, but you can tell me, I’ll listen.”

Well, if my Mr. Robi is too busy, I will talk to him, even if he does not answer. Life can be so nice when my Robi is cooking and I can enjoy a glass of wine while doing so.

“Well, well, I’ve read that love is at the hearth ….. weird, why do people always say ‘love’ when they mean ‘sex’, love is far more comprehensive than sex, but we already have that Spoken, is not my love? …… They write that love at the hearth – so sex – only for the beautiful, who is not at the stove, what do you mean? “

I’m not waiting for Robi’s answer: “Look, if I wanted to make love to you now, I mean if I want to have sex with you, because I love you, so if I wanted to take you now, that would not work Does love at the hearth always only apply to women when they are standing by the stove because they are … well, because the man could only take them from behind …..? “

“You, I can not think about that now, I have to concentrate!”

Can not my master, Robert, once find a completely different answer when I discuss something important with him? Why does not he jump to this topic, where I can always approach him on this – our – topic? Anyway, I give up trying to get his answers and take the line of conversation in my own hands.

The wine inspires my thoughts and I become more courageous if even Robi can not respond to my questions: “It’s just that I call you …. just to give you an example …. I could not take you, if you like standing on the stove now, you could not continue to cook, while the other way around …. when I’m at the stove …..? ….. Unless ….?

A screaming thought shoots through my head, making me dizzy. But, what did I just say? Was it right, what I meant to say with the role reversal? It would be right if I ….. no, my Robi on the stove ….. why Robi? I’ll let it be.

Is it the wine or is it my fantasies that inspire me? Anyway, it’s a nice feeling for me anyway. All I have to do is bring my robi so far that the evening will be stimulating for both of us.

“Robi, what would you say if I took you now?”

Silence. Once again this famous, industrious silence. Then my Robi grumbles, still bent over his bowl: “You, for your jokes, I have now no time! I work for us and you sip your wine.” This is women’s lust against male frustration, if you already want to know. … tell me, what did you just say, what should I do? “

“You should not do anything.”

“And why did you ask me something then?”

It makes me a bit queasy when I see my Robert so serious, while I feel so light: “I did not really ask you anything.”

“Julia, Julia, did not you just ask me what I would do if you took me?” And after a short break: “You may be a fraud, asked about nothing and said nothing!”

This rascal, first he does so innocently and then he has heard everything I asked him. It makes me easier.

“You, Robi …..?”

“Joooo …..”

“Oh nothing”. I take a good sip of wine. Do I drink too much? If I have something in mind with my Robi?

If my Robi drinks wine and we still have something in common, I do not want him to drink too much. How was that before and at the beginning of our marriage to sex? The first glass of wine Robi was very funny, the second rather behave, the third glass he became monosyllabic, then sleepy and …… finally we had to go to sleep, otherwise nothing happened.

I lay awake next to my Robi, who was asleep under an anesthetic, a little annoyed at the missed opportunity my fire could have soothed. It tingled in my lap, I know why that is, but Robert sleeps. What does a woman do when a man can not?

I stop thinking and find my way back to the kitchen, rudely awakening from my memories.

“You, where are you with your thoughts, you asked me something.” Robi has turned to me and looks down at me.

What should I answer? What?

“You just started with:” ‘You Robi …?’ What did you want to ask me? “

“Oh, yes …. yes, you know ….. yes, so love at the stove, yes, actually sex at the stove …. is that an issue for you men?”

“I do not know how other men think about it, but I for my part …. I think so.”

“What …. already, what does that mean …. what does ‘you think so?’

Now my Robi comes to think: “I think I could enjoy it.”

“In your opinion, who’s on the stove when you want to have fun?”

“I think …. you. How should it be different?”

Robi has no imagination. I’ll give him that fantasy: “It’s different, too.

I get up, grab my robe from behind on my hip and lean my head back against his back: “That’s how it works!”

Robert laughs: “What do you mean by that?”

I do not say anything, push my hands further up to his stomach and then let my hands slowly slide down from his belly and towards the middle: “See, that’s the way it works!”

Robi gets serious again, too serious for my project: “Julia! …. Darling! ….. I can not now! When should we get something to eat?”

“Oh, you …” I slurp Robi in the back. Then I break away from him and sit back on my stool. I’m just wide-legged sulking.

“Julia, you …. look, I’m going to finish the fish so far that I can put it in the oven, the rice will be ready in half an hour and the vegetables are ready anyway, then we could ….. before dinner ….. if you want …..? “

My mood lifts again: “Good, my dear man ….. I can.”

Robi laughs softly: “Good, my dear Julia …… I ……. yes …. what is it?”

“Nothing, not necessary, I’m fine.” I am sipping my glass.

Robi turns back to the stove, fetching a casserole from the cupboard, adding some flakes of butter, rubbing them and placing the fish on the bottom of the jar. Then he pours the mysterious spice mixture, which he had stirred so intimately, over the fish, closes the casserole with the lid and pushes it into the oven. Robi straightens up.

“Do not you have to preheat him?” I get up and embrace my sweetheart with his right hand from the front around his stomach, with his left I stroke his butt.

Robi smiles: “I do not know who you mean. Do you want to preheat the oven, or ….?

Now it’s tangled in me again. Julia, are not you ashamed? No? Really not?

No! I let my hand slide down from Robis Po and push her from behind between Robi’s legs forward. Robi says nothing, but spreads his legs a bit, I have enough space. I play through his pants gently with Robi’s eggs. Then I stroke again Robis Po.

“Do you mean to preheat?” Robert cooates deeply. That’s the way I like it.

“Yes …. that’s preheating,” I say softly, snuggling against Robi’s back.

My right hand wanders gently and slowly over Robi’s stomach, very carefully down. I notice a little. I want to know how far my Robi is and push my right hand even further. That’s what I’m looking for, the resistance to my hand. He, who offers the resistance, presses firm yet elastic against my hand. I imagine how big and plump Robis penis already is and ask: “Robi, honey, how do you want it now?” I’m rocking Robi’s penis through my pants.

“Darling ….. it’s wonderful with you, keep it up, I …….” Robi is silent and moans softly.

I want to know now how it is right. I open Robis pants, fingers through his panties, which is not easy in this tight and ….. and then I have him, pull a little tighter than usual and carry Robi’s dearest friend into the open air.

I bend down, clutching Robis tight penis with his right hand, loosen me from Robis Po and now drive with his left hand from behind Robi’s legs. I know that Robi likes that.

“You, Julia ….. can you take my pants off? It’s much nicer … without them.”

“I can, darling.” I open the belt of the pants, let them slide down, Robi gets out of the pants legs, I see Robi’s cock in a panty powerful stand out. Then the decision is made. I slip Roberts slip over his butt off, which is not so easy, then the slip falls to the floor. Robi gets out of the openings and I push Robi’s clothes away from the stove with my feet.

“You, Robi Mouse ….?”

“Yes …?”

“How do you feel?”

“Do you see how I feel?”

I see it on his bulging stand: “You, Robilein …”, I almost do not know how gentle I am, “I’ll make it nice for you now, you can lean on the stove, so you do not bless me but pay attention to where the plates are still warm !! “

My Robert is silent. He supports himself at the side of the stove, his pelvis is stretched backwards, I can perfectly embrace Robi’s plump desire with his right hand and play with his left hand from below with his balls.

Then I begin to slowly massage Robi’s staff, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I notice how my bosom has gotten wet, I can forget my panties for this evening.

Then I notice how Robi’s cock tip is going slippery under my hands, the clear, longing juice runs over the back of my hand. I distribute Robi’s clear juice around his sturdy stand, which throbs in wonderful strength. I’m watching this spectacle. Robi moans and I listen to him with lust.

“You ……. is it nice for you?” I ask softly.

“Yeah, you do it really well … rub ‘a bit more.”

I move my hollow hand rhythmically back and forth, with a light touch, without strength, but not too slow. Robis sturdy lad lies well in my hand. I realize how firm he is. Firm, firm and elastic. Impact and elastic, I still love those words.

Robi leans forward with his upper body, pulling his pelvis a little further back from the stove. I rub Robi’s stand very lightly and tickle from behind Robis testicles with my fingernails, then gently squeeze his balls, let loose, then I take her in the palm of my hand and press it a little harder, let it go again, stroking his balls, take she again in the hollow hand and slowly press harder until Robi moans: “Ooooo ….. oooouuuh … that’s good ….. do it again …. it’s so beautiful!”

I do what suits my Robi.

Then after a while he says, “Do you know what I’m thinking about?”

How should I know that? Robi is silent.

Then I say softly, “You say so.”

“Well ….. I’m just thinking about it …. that you …. you and Andreas …. that Andi would probably like it too, if you ….. make it as nice to him as me . “

What does my Robi say? I start to glow. Does my Robi mean what I have so often imagined when I felt really good? Is that what Hanna and I already wished for?

And now of all my Robischatz starts from it. I feel dull in the stomach when I hang this thought. Outrageous, what could result if my Robi already imagines something like that !!

“Why do not you say anything, are you angry with me?” Robi looks at me from above. I stop with the jacking off. I have to catch myself again, then I say softly: “Would you like it ….. like to see …. want to be there, as I get it Andreas?”

Robi avoids: “You would certainly do it to him as well as me ….. maybe even …. to ….”

“Yes …. to? …… to what?”

Typically again my Mr. Robi. First he starts with a thought, then he completes it through me and finally I stand there as the one who has stimulated all this. Not with me. Not at all. I want Robi to tell me his story, our story with Andreas.

So I ask my Robert directly, but with my own gentleness, when it comes down to it: “What do you imagine, tell me what you imagine, it excites me, you know it, and I can continue to stroke you . “

Robi is looking for words. I’ll make it easier for him to put my own dreams into his words. I’m going to make my Robimäuschen think it’s his thoughts he’s saying. And I know how to get Robi’s flow of thought going.

My grip on Robis Luststab is firmer, I masturbate him now, as my darling does to himself, if I may watch him. I milk Robi’s cock, forming a not very tight ring between my thumb and forefinger at the root of the penis, then pull the foreskin under the ring handle forward over the glans, without hesitating with the slight pressure, hold it for a moment, push the foreskin back slightly so that the ring of my fingers lies around the bare glans. At the top of the glans I take the juice in the ring of the two fingers and push very slowly – this time without pressure – the moist ring over the now completely bare glans back as far as possible.

Robi whines with pleasure. He should be too. I want to tease Robi so much that he finds the words I want to hear. Right now.

I drive with the ring of the two fingers back to the penis root, increase the pressure only slightly, the foreskin is relaxed at the root of the penis, but Robi’s stand is when pulling back my ring quite taut, plump and red, then I slide back slowly back to the glans ,

Now I stroke my Robi as only I can, as I mean. I turn my right hand so that the back of my hand is pointing upwards. With a ring that I formed from the thumb and forefinger of my right hand, I enclose the hollow directly behind the glans and do not pull the ring too hard. My palm encloses in this handle the juicy, plump acorn. Then I turn this ring handle – without letting go with the slight pressure – in the glans around the Pimmelachse right and back to the left, then back to the right and back to the left, to the right and back to the left, all around the penis, always again! My palms glide around the dripping wet glans in the same rhythm. That’s the itch that only I can give my robi. And so my Robi whines under the infinite itching, Robi whines and writhes in excruciating lust. I’m relentless when my Robi moans, I should stop, he can not stand the itching anymore, it’s so intense.

I do not seem to hear it, and I continue my undisguised rotation. I now increase the itching by pushing the ring handle a little further forward against the glans and strengthening my rotation with the palm around the glans. That’s the sheer pleasure !! I can only continue this game for a little while, because Robi literally squirms and finally moans loudly. Robi can not take it anymore now and pushes my hand away: “Juliaaaaaa ……….. Schaaatz …… Schaaaaatz ……. I can not anymore ….. … it itches outrageously …. I really can not do it anymore !! “

I detach myself from Robi’s eggs and embrace Robi’s stand from the front with my left hand, pulling the foreskin back as far as possible until the glans is quite taut and shiny in front of me. Then I circle with the index finger of my right hand, the glans tip only very gently, with barely noticeable pressure. Finally, I dedicate myself to Robis Löchlein, which I rub lightly with my soaking-up forefingers.

Robi moans and whines again: “Julia …… honey …. that’s so beautiful ….. ooooooh …… haaaa ….. hach ….. och .. …. och …. haaaaaa haaaa ….. keep going … I can not stand it anymore ….. it’s so beautiful! “

Now I have my robi where I need him. I slow down the pleasure of my finger: “What do you imagine …… if I …… if you …… if I Andreas …..?

I raise Robis Lust again to help his thoughts: “What am I doing with Andreas ….. when you’re at it?”

Robi gasps: “I see …. like you ….. like you ….. like Andi is lying on his back ….. you have his …. tight penis …. you kneel next to him …… and teases him ….. Juliaaaaaa …….. I can not anymore …. I come …… !! “

“No, wait!” I stop with rubbing: “What am I doing?”

“Darling, you can think it …. move on, please!”

“I have another idea, come on, let’s go to the bathroom, where you can cum better.”

The love at the stove is not as nice as it is said, and in the bathroom it is safer. For both of us.

I pull myself from Robi, take him by the hand, he follows me without contradiction across the hall and through the bedroom to the bathroom. There I take Robi off completely. Even so, Robi remains silent.

“Come, stand by the sink, I can see you in the mirror while I tickle you!”

I can start my game back where I left off, Robi’s best friend is still almost unchanged in attitude as I’ve just seen him in the kitchen.

Robi holds on to the sink, leans forward, his pleasure rod protrudes over the edge of the sink. I am satisfied that nothing can happen now. It would have been unthinkable if Robi had hosed on the stove !!

I circle Robi’s glans with light pressure on my right palm. Robi moans and I have to start again: “Robilein, you can now imagine something beautiful while I make you want to tell me what I …. what we do …. with Andi …. “

My God, that’s difficult when I want to know something about Robi’s fantasies, my fantasies. It could only do us both good if we have something in common. I would already want to tell my Robi what I think more often when I’m alone.

Finally Robi frees himself from his thoughts: “Are you not angry with me afterwards?”

As if that could happen !! “No ….. it makes me tick … tell me what I’m doing with Andi!”

I circle Robis acorn with the slightest movements of my right hand, I do not want that Robi already squirts. I see Robi’s face in the mirror. It’s different, it’s different than when I see it directly. And his face is not only changed by the desire. It’s changed, because my Robi does not have the same face halves. Somehow Robi looks alien to me in the mirror as I delve into that face. Should I? I would then with some imagination a strange-looking man, whom I love, can bring to the highest desire. An inspiring thought.

Robi moans under my hands: “Julia, you ….. do that …. so nice.”

That’s the keyword: “Robilein, I want to make you so beautiful, as with Andi !!”

“Yes, make it so nice to me ….. I just imagine ….”

“Yes …. ?

“….. I’m just thinking about how you …… how you kneel in bed next to Andreas …. it’s summer …. very warm ….”

I help Robi in his thoughts: “….. Andreas lies naked in front of me on the bed …. his penis …..” I can not hold myself back to control this story as I do fantasize when I am alone with my fantasies. I hear myself saying: “….. his penis is big and swollen with lust …..”

“… is standing upright …. and you …. rub it like that … like you just me …… ohhhhuuuuaaaa … it itches so wonderful …. hach hach. … Andreas squirms … then you take ….. “

“…. his plump rod in the right hand …..”

Robi is no longer to hold: “… you have become very horny with pleasure …. and show him your smooth pussy … she is very wet ….”

“What do I do then?” I am tired of excitement in the stomach again. I want Robi to tell me my fantasies now, then it would be easier for me later to tell my Robi my actual fantasies with Andreas.

“You …. show Andi your pussy …… everything …….. Andi is even more excited …. he implores you, that you jerk him to the end …… ….. he can not take it anymore …. he looks at you greedy …. his balls are filled with seeds ……… you want ….. “

This is my fantasy that my dear Robi tells !!! I take Robis penis in hand and jerk his cock according to my rules. I want Robi to finish now, it fits so well with my mood.

I continue Robis fantasy and leave nothing to chance: “…… then I take Andreas penis in the hand …. like yours now … masturbate him properly until Andi squirms, then I rub. …. “

I look up and look at Robi’s face in the mirror. Robi has closed his eyes and is full of the desire that I – actually only me – can prepare him in this way with my hand !!

“Robi …. I imagine ….. that I …. that you …. you and Hanna ….. it drives in bed next to us … I can see how well you go ….. if you fuck properly …. I hear the desire you have when fucking ….. you take Hanna pretty sharp ran … give it to her vigorously …. she writhes under your bumps ….. and Andi rears up under my hands …… I can see …… “

I notice how Robi’s penis has hardened completely and is pumping. Although I do not quite want that Robi squirts, but he has already progressed too far. I feel how Robi’s body tenses, he trembles, clings to the edge of the sink, groans and finally screams in the highest desire: “Juliaaaa …. I come ….. och och jaa ….. och oa jaaaaaa ……… ooooh jaaaaa ……… hach ….. hach …… hach …….. “

“Yes, my darling come now! Spray nice!”

I quickly spit Robi’s juicy penile shaft back and forth, he almost slides from my hand: “Ha …. ha .. ha … o … o .. o … och … o .. ha … ha … och, och … haaaaaaaaaaaa ……….. ooouuuuuu … ha … ha … o … och … aaaaa … ha … ha …. Julia …. Juliaaaaa! “

I want to see Robi cum now!

Then I feel it coming. I feel it slowly, then come more and more urgent. The penis swells even more, tense up completely stiff and firm. The veins emerge bursting on his dick swollen penis. I slow down my hand movements as I always do when my Robi gets his orgasm under my hands.

Robi gets very stiff and stretches himself up. He throws his head back and pushes his abdomen against the sink. In the mirror, I see Robi’s mood-distorted, strange face, his breath becomes shallow and irregular, I notice his seed leaking out: “Ha …. huh .. hach ….. hach …. ha .. ha … o … o ….. o … o … oooooooouuuuuhh ……. “

Robi claws his hands into the edge of the sink and then ……. then I finally see Robi’s first redeeming semen spurt squirt, a white jet that shoots in a powerful arc over the sink against the mirror and runs out there.

Then Robert squirts off with more bumps. The seed pushes out of Robi’s body in spasmodic bumps outward, I steer the white spermatozoa into the sink, look fascinated at Robis face in this orgasm lust and enjoy the power that lies in these splashes.

Robert groans and growls during his orgasm: “Ha …. ha .. ha … o … o .. jaaaaaaaaaaah …….”

After the last ejaculation, which only trickles into the sink, Robi opens his eyes, looks at me and smiles: “You …… that was nice …… no sex at the stove, but nice .. …. I enjoyed your tenderness …… how about you? “

I’ve already thought of that: “Robi, let’s eat first, then we can have a nice evening”

“Oh yes, the fish, I almost forgot it”. Robi winks at me: “…. it should be almost good now Come on, we’re going to the kitchen So you can drink another glass of wine until I get that far with the food.”

Somehow I am sobered. The swip has gone, my arrogance gone.

2nd chapter

* Fantastic friendships *

Granted – the food is delicious. The fish is tender and spicy, its flesh is easy to remove from the bones, the rice is still a bit crisp, not too soft, just like it is for a rice. And first the vegetables! Robi and I love it when vegetables still bite and not as a mushy mass on the plate. The inherent fragrance of the two vegetables harmonizes with the spicy fish. And a glass of white wine – my luck is perfect again.

Robi and I look each other across the table in the eyes: “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

How should I know that again?

“I’m just thinking back to the time we moved into this house and your pa had overruled the house for you, so we were so happy when we moved in. Like now, but different.”

Sometimes my robi is so romantic. I look at Robi in silence, hands him over the table and smile at my romantic. My Robi takes both my hands and pushes them lightly.

“I want it to stay that way.”

“We will do something for it”, I answer quietly, “…… and sometimes have to do …..!”

Then we eat in silence, in complete agreement that there is nothing else to say.

* * *

After dinner, we retire to our cozy corner and read. Robi looks rather unsteady in some magazines, I read in my novel, whose thoughts I can not really pursue. I think back to how Robi set me on the trail of Andreas and Hanna just now, our friendly couple, with whom we have been together for years and with whom we can talk about many topics, including sexuality and our sexual preferences. It would have been with Robis and my fantasies about the possible love pleasures with Hanna and Andreas probably queasy, if I had not experienced something with Hanna earlier.

Some time ago, I invited Hanna to our home because she obviously had some sex problems with her, and I wanted to know how the two are. I was very curious about the two of them and maybe I could help Hanna to get better with her and Andreas.

Well, we had discussed Hanna’s problems in this conversation and everything developed to my liking. Hanna told me about her difficulties with Andreas and I was able to help her with examples from our – Robis and my – love life and finally …… after all, it was up to me to let the advice be followed by action.

But I’m still not sure if Hanna seduced me by her skilfully played helplessness or whether we – driven by my curiosity – had “done it”. It turned out that I first told Hanna how I feel nice in front of Robi’s eyes, if I want to seduce him. Hanna pretended that she could not really imagine that in theory. If I did not mind, I should fool her. I did it and Hanna was a docile student who would willingly suck in everything that I showed her as the elder or advised to do.

That’s how Hanna and I had played together. Oh well, we had spent an exciting sex and love lesson together in bed, where we had done much of what we women enjoyed.

Anyway, this visit had been the beginning of an intimate friendship with Hanna. And I do not regret it because – and of course my Robi – Hanna and Andreas are familiar and we have similar inclinations in sex.

* * *

I have now completely slipped from my novel and let the book sink. In my mind rise: “You-uu …. Robi …..” I do not know how to put it: “Robi ….. I’m just thinking back to earlier and wanted to ask you .. ….. “

Robi drops the magazine on his lap and looks over at me: “What, my darling?”

That sounds promising. I start again: “Robi …..?” It’s silly that I have not got over a “Robi” yet.

“Robimaus, how do you feel now when you think back to now?”

“Well ….. I do not understand …… what do you mean?”

“I mean, how do you feel when you … I mean when you think back to our fantasies with Hanna and Andreas?”

“Still good – they’re fantasies, are not they bad, are they?”

“Nope, you’re right.” I am a little disenchanted and take a little break. Then I get hot at my question: “What would you think if I told you ……?”

Robi looks at me attentively. Does he suspect what I want to say? After all, he knows me very well: “Well, what would you say, if I wish that ….. this situation …. or something like that ….. with Hanna and Andi once becomes reality?”

Did I start that right now? Robi is silent for a moment. Then he says, “Is this your fantasy of reality? If you enjoy this kind of fantasy – why not?”

Will Robi not understand me? Or can not he? I wish that our previous fantasies – Robi and my fantasies about Hanna and Andi – would actually come true, that we actually “do it” together for four!

I’m actually lucky with my wish expressed by Robi. Robi continues after a little while: “Quite so outrageous is your wish not yes ……. I already have ….. I have already times’ imagined, as with the two in reality it would be …… and I have ……… “

I interrupt Robi at this convenient location and ask him, without directly looking at him: “Robi, have you ever really wished …….. that these fantasies …. our fantasies with Hanna and Andi .. .. that they could become reality? “

“Honestly ….. no …. yes, but ……. but ……” And after a while: “Julia, I do not know what the two would say. …..?! “

“Me neither, but ……”

Now it has to come out: “Robi …. I mean, we could ask the two ……. yes’ … very carefully understood?”

“Julia, Julia, you are one to me!” Robi looks at me in surprise. Then I see his face, the result of his mining game, as he obviously plays with a thought. Finally, Robi puts his thoughts into words, which I absorb in me: “Well …… both look good …… we already saw them naked on the beach ……. they are both not to be afraid ….. maybe we should …… we could ….. if we started it cleverly …… on the next visit you could, if a favorable moment comes ……. could you take Hanna aside and give her your fantasies ……… you could tell her about your dream fantasies …… you do not have to go all out right now .. ….. I would do that with Andi too and then we’ll see how they respond ….

“With Hanna I can already imagine …….. I’ve talked to her once before … about our – I mean about Hannas and my – wishes ……”

“Look, my little pleasure wife, what did you talk about?”

Should I tell him the whole truth about Hanna and me?

Not yet, it’s better that way. But the beginning I can do yes: “Well …. me ….. I …. when Hanna visited me some time ago, we talked about her desire that she wants to make her Andi again afloat, because he – but probably both together – made their sex more and more of a ritual, so they had sex at given times, always with the same procedures and positions and – as always – to the same extent, not that the two did not love each other anymore, but – how can I say – out of her sex, the air was out, it was no more tingling.That was my Hanna pretty annoying, because in principle she is enterprising, as I should learn later.I have her …. “

Robi interrupts me: “What do you mean – enterprising?”

Robi sucks the words from my lips and I mean that his ears follow the same direction forward. Robi looks almost like a dog who looks at you with keen attention and just waits for you to throw a stick so he can run after him from a standing position. Somehow, Robi irritates me when he looks at me so interested. But I can not go back now. And I do not want to.

I do not go straight into Robi’s question: “Hanna … I told Hanna about both of us, that we both had already experienced something similar, that we also talked about how our sex became a habit and what we did, to escape that, remember that? “

“Yes ….. sure, after that we packed it.”

“And you still know how?” I lure my Robert out of reserve.

Robi hesitates, as he often does when he confesses to something that may embarrass him. But then he urges me, “Honey, tell me what you told Hanna to suit her request, I hope you did not go into too much detail about both of us?”

“No, of course not! You know me Yes, I have generalized our relationship so strongly that Hanna had to accept that what I tell her is described in the scientific literature or even in my practice!”

Well, that’s exactly what happened when I talked to Hanna about Robi and me, but does my Robi have to know that? “Well, I told Hanna that I – like us – had similar thoughts about our habitual sex at the time when the tingling was gone and that it was so easy!”

“Oh yes, I remember exactly how it was then!”

Look, my master Robi opens up. He was just pushing around and now he suddenly knows something! Very interesting!

“I told Hanna that I started masturbating to your eyes when I was in the mood for you, when it suddenly came to you that I had created the opportunity for sex myself without your intervention that was the new spice. “

“Oh yes, I remember exactly how it was !!”

My Mr. Robi! Again he knows something !! Why does he let me tell him again? Of course, I do not like to tell all this, because I promise myself something, if I dedicate Robert in my secrets with Hanna, but only so far that nothing goes wrong. If Robi knows what I told Hanna and what we experienced together after that, it probably helps us a bit further in our relationship with Hanna and Andi. And maybe Robi would actually like to talk to Andreas about us?

“Hanna also asked me what exactly I was doing to interest you, and she hinted that she would like me to tell her how we got our sex going again. …. it was her desire to learn something from me that she could apply to her andi herself. “

My God, how difficult is it to tell Robi this complicated story. She is so nested.

Robi looks at me expectantly: “Tell me ……. please !!”

“Well, I told Hanna at the time that I had to practice it myself to be able to do it in front of you.”

“Oh, yes, I know.”

Should I stop telling because my Robi already knows everything? No, I’ll just tell Robi the story with Hanna so far that I’m not hiding anything from my husband and also from Hanna and her Andreas. I will be careful.

how she herself could spice up her sex with Andi. Anyway, I saw her changed face, which I liked very much. And then I told Hanna about my climax in front of the mirror and also told her that I also indulged you later in this spectacle and how you liked it so much. And then ……… and then ……. and then …….. “I am riding a miraculous excitement.

“……… and then?” Robi asks, “… what do you want to tell me?”

“Well, I’m not sure …….”

“Julia, do not adorn yourself like that! Tell me what you want to tell me !! I like to listen to you!”

My courage rises: “…… and then Hanna asked me if I could show her …….”

“Show something??” Robi looks like an attentive hunting dog.

“Well ….. Hanna asked me if I could show her how I masturbated in front of you for the first time …… in front of you, back then in our cozy corner.”

“And …..” asks my Robi with some excitement in the voice “…… and did you really show it to her?” Robi’s voice sounds like he can not believe it. Should I now give the conversation a different turn? I could leave it at that, as I Hanna …… no, not at all! Robi would notice that I was fibbing.

“Yes ….. I showed it to Hanna,” I reply curtly. Let me ask my Robi, I’ll answer. I’m silent for a moment.

When I look at Robi, the blood shoots me in the face again. Robi is the purest excitement.

“Tell me, my dear, how was it?” Robi’s voice sounds very soft and gentle, just as if he wanted to seduce me.

“I have ….. we have …… I asked Hanna to the bedroom …. and I showed her ……. as I was in front of you ….. at the time first time …. I have masturbated to interest you again …. “

“Oh yeah … you did that?” Robi bends over to look at me more closely, “And why did you show Hanna how to masturbate?”

Robi’s question surprises me after all: “I wanted to ……. I mean …. I wanted to help Hanna with her wish, that she brings her marriage back to sexuality ……… Hanna is my dearest friend …. as Andi is your best friend for you and I wanted to ……. I wanted to show Hanna …. she had asked me directly ……. that I could do it with her … once in a while. “

It was really out there !!! Was I going too far with Robi? I secretly scolded for exposing my most secret experiences. But on the other side? It can not go back now, only forward !!

“She asked you to …… with you …. you two together ……..?”

Although Robi probably did not fully understand the consequences of my and Hanna’s seduction, I encourage Robi in his questioning guess and simply say: “Yes.”

Robi seems baffled, his forehead ruffles, then it smoothes out again and he looks me in the face, which is a bit uncomfortable for me: “Honey …… you …… Hanna really asked you if they shared with you ….. you could masturbate together ….? “

“Yes, that’s exactly what I said right now.”

“Wow, I would not have believed her that !! And after a while Robi says again: “Madness ……….. Madness is that! That’s something new with her, is she ….. lesbian?”

“No, she’s no more lesbian than I am, and by the way, you should have noticed it long ago, if she was, and she looks at you with the eyes of a woman.”

“What does that mean again?”

“Well ….. as a man you do not get the looks when she looks at you stealthily ……. do not worry, I’m not jealous !! ……… I am not jealous, because I already mentioned Hanna, she likes you very much ……… like I like Andi ….. but not anymore … more precisely, Hanna would like her andi as well Just drop me a little like me !! And Hanna looks at you with eyes that you make, if you really like someone, that you have not noticed that yet ?? “

“Well.” That’s the only thing my Robi says.

I have to pursue my goal now: “Robi …..?”

“Yes, darling?” Robi’s voice is very soft and he looks at me with wide eyes.

“Do not you want to know what we did?”

“Yes … please, tell me, I’m still surprised!”

“I believe you …… well ….. I first stroked and Hanna told how she should do it with her Andi ….. Hanna has looked at me attentively and listened to … … she asked me if she should do the same with her andi ……… and then I have her ….. I showed her how she could do it to Andi and put it in the right place … … to a climax that must have been crazy for Hanna. “

“And what about you?” Robi looks at me again very tense. “You just showed her how it’s done … at least in your story.”

“Well, Hanna has me …… which I also like from you ….. she kissed me …… down …… she has brought me just before the gates ……… and then I had to finish the lesson that I had given her before …….. I finished caring in front of Hanna! “

“Madness ….. madness is what you did …… and it’s nice to know that, so it could really happen …….. you and Hanna …. …. Andi and me ……… “

Yes, I know, in our imagination we have been rampant with Hanna and Andi so far. But in reality? There we are with the two of us, four of us, we have not got any further. It would be nice if it was something.

“To come back to this: how Hanna reacted to your experience, I mean, how will she do it with Andi? I’m interested in that.”

“Hanna said that it would be a good idea to try it in front of the mirror, to get used to the feeling of how it affects Andreas, when she later plays with him, at least she envies us for it if we stroke each other in front of the mirror and watch how we get our orgasm … Hanna then thanked me for the instructions and the coffee and left soon thereafter. “

Robi is silent for a moment and then says quietly: “I believe that it was beautiful for you, surely you want Hanna to come here again and you could actually do it together again?”

Does my Robi suspect something that Hanna has been back with me a few times after the first experience, with the same result as the first time?

“Yes, darling, that would be the best,” I say. I realize that with this statement, I set Robi’s imagination in motion.

Robi actually spins my thoughts on in his own way: “You can try to invite Hanna once more for an hour and see how she reacts, tell her about your fantasies with her … after your first experience … ….. tell her about your dreams ….. and the wishes, if you caress each other ……… of course we could try ……? “

then maybe another time. And if so … great !!! “

Look! My Robi is not quite as innocent of this development as I want it to be. For me it is comforting that I am not the only one who imagines something like that. So we will try the next cozy evening with my Hanna and Andi.

* * *

Robert and I sit down after this stimulating conversation in our cozy corner, cuddle a little together and drink another glass or two. I am still subliminally excited and happy at the same time that I told my Robi the story with Hanna, even if it is not the complete truth. But this imperfection does not hurt us – rather the opposite is the case. It must have been Hannah and my “first shared experience” that reinforces Robi’s intentions to continue this first experience with Hanna. Wonderfully it works for us !!

When we lie snuggled in bed after some time, Robi asks me if I “needed something today”. I say “nöööö” because I’m actually too tired. I probably had a little too much to drink tonight.

Then we fall asleep quickly. Robi first, as I am used to, then I follow it pretty quickly.

It had been an evening in my mind.

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