Hey guys,

I’ve decided to give a few stories from my life here. Although I’m out of the wildest years, it’s still a lot of fun and I make a lot of stuff in terms of body. So then …

A woman I still like to think back to, I met as a young guy. Back then I was in the middle of my sports studies and lived outside the city with a buddy in a shared flat, on the ground floor of a two-family house. She lived on the first floor. But first a little something to me.

My dad is from Tanzania, quite a cupboard. Maybe that has convinced my mother too ? Well, anyway, he has inherited a lot in this regard. With my 1,90 and, at that time at least, pretty well-toned body, I had with the girls early on a stone in the board. Yes, and I’m blessed with what it looks like. Thank you Daddy! You can tell that early in the locker rooms during sports, and that gives you a certain degree of confidence.

Yes, and now to her. She was married, lived with her husband in the apartment above us. He was an inconspicuous type, very nice, went to work early every day and came home late at night. Sometimes he seemed to be gone for days. In any case, his company car was not visible then. He deserves not bad. Could certainly provide his female well.

But she! Will probably have been so late 30, I never asked her. It was clear that she wanted to look younger, was with us students soon on you, but all quite harmless and harmless. Good neighbors. But I often thought of her. To her wonderful hourglass figure. I often imagined how it would be with her. She did not even dress provocatively, no short skirts, but always figure-hugging. She will have been around 1.65, so much smaller than me. I sometimes wondered how the little female would endure my big cock. I would not want to hurt her. And she had something in her eyes when she looked at me. At first I thought to myself, you only imagine that. But I already had my experiences with women. She will probably also have noticed

In the summer, I often lay in the garden on the couch and read aloud. And I showed her my body, because I knew that she often sits on the balcony, even if I could barely see her from below.

Yeah, how did it happen .. It was rather random. The garbage truck had gone on strike and I was not sure when the tons would be emptied. So I went to my neighbor Carmen, that was her name, and rang the doorbell. There I was now in my tracksuit, I just got out of the sport, it was afternoon, and she opened the door for me.

I was irritated. She wore a bathrobe that was loosely closed, and underneath you could see a thin bodysuit jutting out so that her lush cleavage worked well. I had never seen her in this elevator. I hesitated for a moment. “Can I ask you something?” “You can ask me anything,” she replied, her voice slightly tilted, as if she had been drinking something, but only lightly. “Come on in!” And she turned and disappeared in the door. And I fumbled afterwards. In fact, a glass of prosecco stood on the living room table. “Do you like a mouthful?” I thought for a moment. Actually, I do not drink much, especially not during the day. But in this case, I did not want to say no. So she took the Prosecco out of the fridge and poured herself some ml. “Are you alright, Carmen?” I asked her, looking at her glass. “Now that you’re there, I’m fine!” came the happy, though slightly exasperated answer. “I felt so lonely, come on, sit down with me.” I hesitated. She made me hot when I just looked at her. Maybe that was the opportunity. But she was easy if I just looked at her. Maybe that was the opportunity. But she was easy if I just looked at her. Maybe that was the opportunity. But she was easy 

drunk. And she was married. Is that allowed? No matter! I sat down next to her on the sofa and immediately she snuggled against my strong shoulder.

Come on, protect me, I need it now “And so I put my arm around her shoulders and she pressed herself against me. I felt her big heavy breasts on my muscular body and my best friend started to awake to life. Au weia, I thought, if she now sees the bulge in my pants! But she seemed happy on my chest. “Mhh, you’re so strong,” she cooed. And suddenly she let herself sink slowly into my lap, so that her head came to lie directly on my bump. Ouch!

She closed her eyes and I began to stroke her. Pulling her bathrobe aside, slid my big hands over her wonderful body, stroking her shoulders, her hair, her thighs, finally her buxom ass, and then I touched her stunning breasts .. She flinched slightly as I spoke with her nipples Touched fingers. I felt like they were getting hard, she had nice big nipples. I started to play with them. She purred like a kitten. “Do you like that?” I asked. “Mmh, very much,” came her answer.

Meanwhile, my shaft was erected to its full size and I wanted to free him from his captivity. But did she want that? I decided to figure it out by pressing her head firmly onto my bump so she needed to feel the size of my shaft. And what did she do? She turned her head back and forth, rubbing her face against my limb hidden in my pants.

Damt all dams broke. While she took off the bathrobe, I slipped out of my tracksuit and sat on the sofa legs apart, so that the 28 cm stood like a pole in the air, garnished by two plump balls full of juvenile juice. “Oh my god!” She exclaimed. “Oh baby, you’re so tall, I’ve never seen anything like that.” Then she knelt in front of me and began to lick my big hard cock slowly and with pleasure from top to bottom, including my balls. It was a worship. The picture of her husband was only two meters away.

I got her big tits out of her body. This woman drove me crazy. I would fuck her as she had not been fucked in her life yet. But first she was allowed to continue to spoil my thick black cock. I felt and saw how she licked my penis with her tongue, saw the lust in her brown eyes. “Blow my cock, you awesome woman!” I ordered her. And she did it. Let my shaft slide deep into her mouth, deeper than she could handle. Then she gasped, gasping. I enjoyed it, and she enjoyed it too. She almost adored him, my young cock. I pushed her down again and again, was close to pouring into her throat. It was the absolute pleasure. I was sitting in another man’s living room, and his wife, the hottest woman I’ve ever had, spoiled my cock with a devotion. She enjoyed my Vorahne and sucked even harder. Then she started milking my balls with her tits. She wanted it! And I gave it to her! I exploded with a loud groan, shot her my cream into her greedy throat, as her tits milk my balls. Oh man that was good! She could not swallow everything. A part of my load ran out of her mouth. I wet my fingers with it and distributed the rest on her sensual face and her sexy breasts. She could not swallow everything. A part of my load ran out of her mouth. I wet my fingers with it and distributed the rest on her sensual face and her sexy breasts. She could not swallow everything. A part of my load ran out of her mouth. I wet my fingers with it and distributed the rest on her sensual face and her sexy breasts.

Meanwhile, she stared barefoot on my Fickprügel who still stood like a one, after I had pulled him out of her throat. “What are you looking at?” I asked with a grin. “My husband would be limp now”. “How old is he?” “Fifty” came the frustrated sounding answer. “Then I’ll show you what a real man can do.” My hands played with her sexy tits, greedy handles, that held me powerful. “What if your husband comes home?” “He’s not here any more, he’s at a seminar” “Well, come on the couch and take your ass up, you horny mare”, I told her harshly. “I like it when you talk to me like that,” she cooed. “I know, you hot babe” I replied with a big grin. Then I positioned her so that I could lick her well. Arms on the couch, ass up. Then I began to lick her Lustmuschi nice deep. Spread her labia, played with my vibrating tongue on it and then penetrated with this deep in her. She groaned loud and relish as my lips sucked her clit. I spoiled her for a while, licked her inviting anus, and she enjoyed it deeply. Then I penetrated with two fingers in her wet cunt, began to vibrate and fuck her with his fingers. “Ahh, more!” She amazed me. I took another finger, fucked her with three, firm and greedy now as she moaned louder and louder. Here I spoiled her brown lust hole with my tongue. And then she came powerful and loud. Her body twitched. Waves of lust washed over her. The spasms did not want to end. Her screams filled me with satisfaction and greed at the same time. Greed on her body, on her pleasure caves. I wanted to own them, lead them, break them. They were animal instincts to which I gave myself. She sagged after her orgasm subsided. I let her have that moment of satisfaction.

Then I positioned her back on the back, so she stretched out her plump ass. She still had the body, she should keep him on, that made me horny, her tits hung out. I pushed the string aside. “Yes, so baby, come back, nice legs spread, I want you, yes, good!” I stood behind her and spanked her round butt with my big cock. “Are you ready, my hot Fickstute Ready for the big black stallion?” I rubbed my penis at her wet door. “Yes, give it to me, my black stallion! Fuck your horny mare right through. It belongs to you now”. Slowly and deeply, I penetrated her, pausing briefly as she moaned. “Oh slow, you are so broad, slow please” She moaned violently. She was not used to such a cock. “Your husband does not have a big cock?” “No … oh that’s so good …. give me more now”. I pushed him deeper, all in, until my balls clapped on her buttocks. Then I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her, slowly, deeply and steadily, like a steam hammer. Her deep groaning turned me on like that. I enjoy it when I can satisfy a woman. And white mares are usually good at this black stallion ? deep and steady, like a steam hammer. Her deep groaning turned me on like that. I enjoy it when I can satisfy a woman. And white mares are usually good at this black stallion ? deep and steady, like a steam hammer. Her deep groaning turned me on like that. I enjoy it when I can satisfy a woman. And white mares are usually good at this black stallion ?

I got really hot. And she wanted it that way. “Horny slut you, your puny man does not care well enough for you, you need the nigger cock in your cunt!” Hard, my hand slapped her butt. “Yeah, I want the big black cock, I need it big, aaahhhhhhhhh” Are “a horny white whore!” It went through with me. I turned her so that she could see the picture of her husband and fucked her harder. Grip her tits and rammed her beating mercilessly into her willing cunt. Her moan swelled, getting louder and louder, grabbing her harder, squeezing her body down, pulling her arms back. Legs apart, I stood over her and fucked her, she broke, she whimpered and groaned. “Whore!!” “Yes a”. “You belong to me now!” Jaaaaa ” looking at the picture of her husband. I clutched her neck, her throat, as if out of sorts. And then I exploded. In her conquered pleasure cave. in her open uterus. A splash of sperm, pumping, as if from the senses, a pleasure !!!! And then she came again. On my cock, pumped full of my cum, in my greedy, brutal hands, conquered, surrendered, cock horny, fucked !!

We dropped onto the sofa, panting, satisfied for the moment, each one for himself. Then she came to me, pressed against me, kissed my neck. My eyes fell on her husband’s picture. “How is he like that, your husband?” “Anders,” she replied, “gently, he would never call me a whore.” “But you are a whore”. “Yes, I am, for you.” After a while, “I like the way you take me”. “How I fuck you”. “Yes, how you fuck me”. I kissed her deeply and tenderly. “I’ll go now,” I said then. “Yes, go, my husband will call right away.” Should I come back later? I looked at her questioningly. “She took my hand and kissed her.” Yes, come back, “she whispered, and I did.

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