CONFESSIONS: He Forced Himself On Me

I decided to exercise myself by telling this story.  :'(  :'(  The nature of my work warrants that I travel most times, either to meet with clients or to get materials.  It was in the course of one of this that what I am going to share happened to me. I met Nnamdi through a regular client of mine. I have had cause to do business with him many times and when he offered me the contract of redecorating his town house, I did not think twice before accepting. I had to travel to Dubai to get some materials and I went straight to the site. Which means my assistants will join me later, most times 2 or 3 days after.

Nnamdi met me at the airport and drove me to his place. When he told me I would be staying in his house, I’d assumed his wife was there. I was rather surprised to discover that aside from the helps, we would be alone. He later told me his wife had traveled to the States to have her baby. Something pulled at the back of my brain but I ignored it. How I wish I had paid attention. I was given a room and because I was very tired, I slept off immediately I got to the room. I missed dinner and that made me very hungry when I woke up 5 hours later.  I’d slept in my clothes.  I removed my clothing’s and showered then slipped on my night shirt. I had a vodka I bought at a duty free shop so I opened it and gulped. It was a mistake.  I became hungry. Here I am in a strange place and very hungry. When I could not bear it anymore, I picked up my phone to call Nnamdi. Mistake number 2. He told me someone will bring food to me.

I heard a knock on the door and I asked the person to come in. You can imagine the shock on my face when Nnamdi came in bearing the food tray. He apologized and said the helps had gone to their quarters and he did not want to disturb them. He said he hopes the food will suit my palate.  I was just staring, tongue tied and embarrassed in my semi nude state. I thanked him, collected the tray and waited for him to leave. He did not. “Just ignore him” I thought to myself as I sat down at the small table to eat. I nearly choked when I heard him ask if I was enjoying my meal. That strange feeling I felt at the airport was back. I answered feebly. I suddenly was full.  I pushed the tray away and told him am okay. I stood up to cue him into leaving.

All of a sudden two hands came and pulled me to him.
“What are you doing?” I cried. “Nothing babe, just hush” he said calmly.
“Don’t call me babe… not your babe”
“I’m sorry but I am so horny” he said slowly touching his hard dick.
“What in fucks name are you doing?” I screamed.
“Hush” he said as he pushed me on the bed. He lift my shirt up and began to suck my nipples. Before I could scream, his mouth was on my mouth holding the scream inside. He pulled my pants a little lower. I tried to stand up but he was too strong for me. He forced me down the more.

“Please….Please let me go.” I cried as he lied on top of me and began to kiss me softly but I refused to give in. He slipped his finger into my tender pussy as he begin to suck my nipples. Even though I was already wet as he began to survey my body, I began to cry but he ignored me. I began to fight back but I was helpless in the face of pleasure and pain.
“Help!” I screamed but no one heard me as he began to finger fuck my wet pussy. I was moaning but I was no longer sure if it was because I was in pain or because my body was enjoying the sensation. Then he drove his cock into my wet pussy. We both moaned at the same time. He withdrew his dick as he groaned at the pleasure of rubbing his penis’s head at the side of my vagina.  He pushed back in to experience more pleasure and then pulled out again.  I just lay down there grinding and crying. He pushed back in and out. He then held his hand more firmly on my mouth and began to rocket my body back and forth with tremendous force. His body was filling me with pleasure as he moaned. The pressure soon filled up and he began to go faster. My body was being slammed around. He kept riding me. At this point I stopped fighting him and began to gyrate my hips up and down to the rhythm of his penetrations. So he had released his hold on my mouth and was now fondling my right breast with one hand as he kissed the back of my neck.

I then said, “Please, think about what you are doing, it is wrong”. As he breathed heavily he said to me, “Okay then, tell me to stop and I will”. Well before I could say anything he began to ejaculate, as he climaxed I began to experience the greatest orgasm of my life. Our orgasms lasted for nearly a minute, it was wonderful.
Once he finished I told him to leave immediately.  He pulled up his boxers and shorts and grabbed his shirt, mumbled some apologies and left. I haven’t talked to him since this encounter.  :(

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