My Twin Sister and I Are Madly In Love, We Have Been Having Sex Together For 9Years

Call it disgusting, call it what ever name you might choose, it will still not going to change anything. Not too long ago, scientist came out with a founding that sex is biological they were dimissed and called names, particularly religious bigots who never solve any problem but blindly slavementalize their fellow men who are innocently under their care. The report then have that a siblin who have never met before are more likely to be sexually attracted to one another at first. The report further suggested that couple who just met and suddenly fell in love, better known as love at first sight may need to ask some identity questions before the relationship get to sex level. It further stated that most times, the feeling and sex urge becomes so hard that it is irresistible. The report went ahead to state that the situation is even worst between father and daughter, it said that daughters are often emotionally attached to their father that when not properly handle leads to sex. It also said that a father and daughter that are meeting for the very first time stand risk of about 97% to 98% chances having hot sex immediately, even when they their identities, particularly if they huge when they met initially.

Another prove that sex is biological is the fact that most people have their first sex experience with a member of their immediate family. There have been more reports of father and daughter sleeping together, brother and sister or cousins been madly in love with each other. Report has it that more than 90% sexually active people had their first most memorable sex experience with either a cousin or a direct member of the family.

If you are in doubt, may be the story of these twins will convince you. Read
The story of Taiwo and Kehinde Shittu in Ibadan is still an issue of discuss within their family; before the story became a public knowledge, a lot of things have gone spoilt in the secret.
Revealing the secret to the open when he could no longer stomach it, because problem shared is problem solved, Kehinde Shittu who resides in a remote community in Ibadan, Oyo State said; “I could not tell my mother about it because if she hears it directly from me, I don’t know what would happen. I’m a twin, I am Kehinde and they also call me Oseni, I am a male, while my twin sister, is Taye. We have been having sex with ourselves for many years to the extent that I find it very difficult to have another girlfriend and I’ve not seen another boyfriend with my twin sister as well.
“All my efforts to stop this shameful act have proved difficult, because the moment I thought of stopping it, if I should set my eyes on Taiye, we must have sex.
“What our mother told us when we were growing up was that she was childless for about 10 years after wedding with our father. They went to many churches, Alfas, and even herbalists, all in the effort of having children before God in His infinite mercy decided to bless them with a set of twins after series of prayers. “We have attained 15 years before they were blessed with another child, Idowu”.
Oseni continued “our parents love us so much, though we are not rich, we are not lacking anything. They take very good care of us in their own way. Our mother is a trader; she trades in red oil in large quantity while my father is a carpenter; he gets job often and he is comfortable.
“I’ve fallen in love with my twin sister, Taye from our tender years and also she was. If anyone of us was sick, they have to give preventive drugs to the other, if not before the third day, the second one would take over the sickness.
“Another amazing thing was that if one of us commits any crime and receives punishment from our parents, surprisingly, before 24 hours, the second person will commit the same crime and would be punished accordingly. We are so close to the extent that whenever you see Taiye, Kehinde would also be there. “We eat together, and sleep in the same room together. Maybe, this is what aggravated the feelings we have for ourselves. “I’ve been having a love feeling for Taiye, since I was 12 years old, but didn’t know if she was having the same feeling for me too. When I saw her with any man then, I felt unhappy and also looked for ways to separate them and she also did the same thing when she saw any girl with me too. We were 15 years old when we started having sex with each other and our parents were not aware. We live in two rooms and a parlour in a rented apartment. Our parents will sleep in a room and Taiye and I also sleep in the second room, but we are sleeping on different beds. I woke up one midnight, PHCN had switched off the electricity before we slept that night but when I woke up, they’ve switched on the light again. As I switched on the electricity, my twin sister, Taiye was stark naked, her wrapper had been removed from her body, and her breasts were pointing and inviting. Knowing fully well that she had already slept, I moved close to her and started fondling her breasts until she woke up. She didn’t resist me and before I could say Jack Robinson, we’ve started having sex together. This act continued every night to the extent that at times, she would come and meet me on my bed and started playing with my manhood and I would reciprocate by fondling her breasts. I deflowered her. She was pregnant on two occasions and we had to abort the pregancies.
“Since we began our shameful act, it has never crossed my mind to have any romance with any lady, likewise her too. Surprisingly, our parents never caught us, even before our father died recently, whenever I thought of stopping it and I told my twin sister, she felt bad about it.
He stated further that “There was a time I left home to my uncle in another location in Ibadan with the aim of using that to stop the act, but I could not spend more than a week before I returned home. The moment I came back, we continued with our sex life”.
Taye and Kehinde Shittu are now 24 years old, and their mother is urging them to bring home their lovers, but they are disturbed and don’t know what to do, this we learnt.

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