Sex Stories: My Nigerian Friend Who Fucked My Brazilian Neighbor

Years ago I used to have this very close black friend who I would hang out with all the time. He is a young, tall, and built Nigerian male, very funny and smart guy. He kind of looks like the YouTube rapper Kochief but without the beard and more handsome and younger. I don’t want to give too many details about him, but I will say that we used to call him Chris. Chris has two older brothers. One is a couple years older and is called Joseph. His second older brother is like ten years older, but I don’t remember his name because we weren’t that close, and he lived in a different country (I only remember meeting that brother a couple times and it has been years since I last saw him).

Anyways, Chris is a very athletic guy who works out a lot. He was the most built and muscular dude that I personally knew, weighing about 203 pounds and over 6 feet tall. He used to go out for early morning jogs and participate in sports a lot and even attended a gym near my house to build up (which he also pushed me to attend as well). But those aren’t the only things I remember about Chris… Chris wasn’t just some young funny built African brotha who worked out alot, he was also a womanizer and a pure playa. Him and his brother (Joseph) would hit on girls and sleep with them all the time. Both of them loved girls and sex more than anything else, and any time they stumbled upon a girl they found hot, they would always try to hit on them and take them to bed (of course sometimes girls would hit on Chris and he could almost never resist). Chris loved women who were fit and who had big thick round butts (not too big though) and women with nice big breasts. He was mostly attracted to Brazilian, Latino, and Jamaican girls (Lucky for him, we lived in a pretty diverse city and went to a diverse school/college; so he got all the fine ethnic women he wanted).

Now I’ve known a couple players over the years, but none of them ever came close to Chris, he literally slept with more hot ladies than any other man I have ever known. And his sex stories are the most crazy sex stories I’ve ever heard. I don’t really know any of Joseph’s sex stories, but I definitely remember Chris’s stories because he shared them with me. Me and Chris used to secretly share crazy stories and experiences that we had with each other. And a lot of those crazy stories were often our sex stories. At first, I was somewhat skeptical over his stories, but then when he showed me actual evidence (such as pictures he took with the girls in bed) I believed him. Plus there were times where I would see him hitting on girls (and vice versa) and then “disappearing” with them. And I even once caught him having sex with someone. Which now brings me to the first sex story in this series that I will be sharing with you.

One summer, Chris had to crash at my place for a while because of problems he was having in his apartment. I had a spear guest room that he was staying in, where he mostly spent his time doing push-ups and gaming. As mentioned earlier, sometimes girls would be the ones hitting on Chris, and he could almost never resist. I say this because I had a next door neighbor who had a thing for him. She was a Brazilian girl who worked out at the same gym we went to. She had long blondish hair and was pretty thick and fit (and let’s not forget as mentioned earlier how Chris loved Brazilian girls and women who were fit with big butts). If these coincidences weren’t already enough, this next door Brazilian girl also had a thing for black/African men. Whenever she was around Chris, she kept hitting on him and acting all freaky around him. I once even saw her slap Chris’s ass when walking past him and Chris only responding by grinning at her. Chris seemed to enjoy the way she was acting around him and kept checking her out at the gym. He would keep starring at her ass and admiring her nice fit body while asking me questions about her. When I told him that she had a thing for African men he seemed to get excited and admitted to me that he wanted to fuck her.

I really shouldn’t have underestimated him, cause I went out one day leaving Chris alone in my house and when I got back I caught the two of them in the shower. Apperantly after I left, she went out for a early morning jog and Chris spotted her through the window and decided to join her. After running together, he invited her over to my place to “practice wrestling” with her. When they were in the house, she asked him if she could use the shower because of how sweaty she was. As she went to the bathroom, he kept starring at her ass and couldn’t wait anymore. She was underdressed with short tight pants that only covered her butt cheeks and around her hips, so Chris got to see her big thick ass and wanted it more than ever.

Unfortunately she couldn’t wait either because she deliberately left the bathroom door open while showering to get Chris to “join” her. As Chris saw this, he took his clothes off and joined her in the bathtub. They both embraced each other began to make out for a couple minutes while feeling each other’s bodies. Then Chris bent her over and began to bang her from behind in doggystyle position while she was placed against the wall. There were times were he stopped every couple of minutes to slap her ass and kiss her. And she even tried to push her ass against his dick so it wouldn’t jsut be him doing all the work. When I got back at 1p.m, I first went to the kitchen to get myself a drink. As I took a sip out my glass I began to hear two people moaning, one being a guy and the other a girl. I also heard couple lines of dirty talk such as the guy moaning “Who’s the horse!? Who’s the horse girl!? Oh shit! Oh Jesus! Oh shit!” And the girl moaning “oh yes! I like it! You’re a real man! Oh yes!”. After a few seconds, I immediately recognized the voices and started following it. I looked down the hall and saw the bathroom door open with Chris’s shirt, pants and boxers laying on the floor. I quitely walked down the hall and looked into the bathroom, where I saw the two of them naked in the tub having sex. Chris was carrying her in the air by the hips, with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, and his hands holding her ass, while he lifted her up and down from his crotch area with her pussy riding him passionately. I briefly remember the girl placing her head on his shoulders and chest for few seconds with her eyes closed, and it looked like she was kissing/licking his shoulder and chest while she rode him. I heard Chris respond to this by signing “Damn…” and calling her a bitch.

The girl’s own clothes were lying on top of the washing machine, and the bathtub water was on and pouring on them while they fucked. They didn’t know I was home and didn’t notice me either because Chris was facing the opposite direction from the door with his back and ass facing me, while his Brazilian bitch had her eyes shut while she was busy riding him and kissing and licking his chests and shoulders (and was also probably too busy enjoying the big black cock penetrating her pussy lol). Plus the sound of the water and their moaning and dirty talk probably prevented them from hearing the house door open and close when I came back. They were both pasionatly enjoying each other and had their minds only on fucking each other till they couldn’t anymore. I just continued to stare for a few seconds and then watched the two of them begin to make out while they continued to fuck in the same position. At that moment I just decided to leave them in privacy, mostly cause I was to tired to confront Chris and mainly cause I should have expected him knowing how much he loved girls and sex. I just went back to the kitchen to continue drinking and then went to the living room at the other end of the hall where I just sat on the crouch watching TV.

While all this I could still hear them moaning and exchanging some dirty talk. I recall Chris moaning “Go ahead girl! don’t stop! Keep going” (I have no idea what they were doing when he said that), I also recall the girl at one point moaning “oh yes! Look what you do to me” only for Chris to respond with “shut up and take it from a real man”. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or feel amused. 5 minutes later, I heard a small banging noise and looked down the hall. I saw Chris coming out of the bathroom while continueing to carry her from the hips. They were both making out as they entered the hall with water dripping from their wet bodies. He placed her on a desk in the hall and knocked over the tall lamp next to it. He made out with her on the desk for half a minute before carrying her again, but this time to his bedroom.

There they continued to have sex. Another 10 minutes later after I heard the moaning and talking stop, I snuck to the room to check on them. There I saw them laying on the bed asleep with the blanket covering them up to their stomachs. Chris was laying down on his back with the girl next to him with her arms still wrapped around his shoulders. Both of them were still wet from the showers, so the bed sheets were a bit wet and of course shaken up from the “action” they both had. I waited in the living room for an hour before they finally woke up and came out. I saw them down the hall coming out naked to put their clothes on and they spotted me looking at them with my eyebrows raised. They were both surprised because they didn’t expect me back so early (normally at this time I wouldn’t have been back for another 50 minutes). They quickly rushed to put their clothes on and gave nervous smiles while feeling akward around me. Long story short, I just laughed at them and told them next time to do it in her house, I didn’t need to witness some real life porn in my own house.

Chris quickly apologized and promised he would change the bedsheets and mop the floor (which he did). Later in the night, I asked him if she was worth it because it sounded like they both really enjoyed each other. He smiled and said “Totally! She was a good fuck. Any man who hooks up with this bitch is beyond lucky”. I asked him if he planned on hooking up with her again? But denied so, claiming he has had more than enough action with her. But knowing Chris, something tells me that wasn’t the last time they both hooked up like that. If Chris really liked a girl and enjoyed fucking her, he wouldn’t just fuck her once. There were a couple nights were Chris would go out, and it would be coincidently around the same time my neighbor came back from work or class. And he would always come back hours later exhausted. And after he finally moved back to his place, I noticed some nights my neighbor would go out and not come back at all until the very next day. But overall, Chris was a pure sexual warrior. And this is jsut the begining of stories I’m going to be sharing with you.

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